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The Integrated Servo Motors are NEMA23 brushless integrated motors with a 16-Bit encoder and a servo drive. Very compact size with all components integrated. This kind of motor saves mounting space,

eliminate encoder connection & motor wiring time, and cut/reduce cable and labor cost. RF-Interferences are substantially reduced.

Step & direction command input for position control

Compatible mounting Size with NEMA23 stepper motor

Smooth motor movement and excellent response time

Shaft Size: 8mm

1: High position accuracy

2: Isolated control inputs of Pulse, Direction

3: Current loop bandwidth (-3dB) 3.5KHz

4: Speed loop bandwidth 650Hz

5: Position loop bandwidth 300Hz

6: Communication with PC via RS232

7: Easy to tuning for CNC application with Protuner software

8: Low torque-ripple with state-of-the-art design of magnetic circuit (low cogging torque)

ISV-T Series 90W, 130W, 180W Motor Drawing & Specifications (236 downloads) ISV Integrated Servo Motor Datasheet (312 downloads) User Manual of ISV-T Series Integrated Servo Motor (348 downloads)

ISV-B23130T-D4 and ISV-B23180T-D4 are in Stock