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One Axis Speed Adjustment Controller

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One Axis Speed Adjustment Controller

Product Description

One Axis Speed Adjustment  Controller:

This 1-axis stepper motor speed controller can be used for sliders, such as, a camera slider, a conveyor, etc. This setup use the pulse Signal Generator to control the speed. The controller has two operating options; frequency and PWM signals and offers a start/stop button along with a forward/reverse button.

The speed controller can be powered from 12v to 72v DC and a 5v power supply.

1: 1pcs 48VDC, 7.3A Switching Power Supply,

click the link 48V/7.3A Switching CNC Power Supply (KL-350-48)

2: 1pcs  KL-5056 driver,  50vdc/5.6A

click the link  KL-5056 20-50VDC 5.6A Digital Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver -32 bit DSP Based

3:  1pcs NEMA23 280z/in 2.8A Stepper Motor 1/4 Dual shaft

Click the link: NEMA23 280oz/in 2.8A 1/4" Dual Shaft Stepper Motor (KL23H276-28-4B)

4: 1 pcs Speed Adjustment  Controller ( knob to adjust to different speed, Start/Stop, Forward/backward) click the link : Stepper Motor Pulse Signal Generator

This is only a sample, We can change to any motor, driver, power supply to fit your application.

You can add a  USB or Ethernet Board:

Wiring Diagram :
1-axis speed adjustment controller (881 downloads)

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