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Dual Port Multifunction CNC Board (C82 + C78 RJ45 CONNECTION BOARD, Ethernet Smooth Stepper board is optional)

The C82 supplies full access to the power of the Ethernet Smooth Stepper board.

Ethernet SmoothStepper Motion Control Board for Mach3 and Mach4, 6 Axis (Without Cable)

Please set up the jumper on the ESS board as shown in the following picture



  • Designed for ESS AND ETHER-MACH motion controller.
  • Built-in PWM-Based Speed Control and Two Built-in Electromechanical Relays with NO and NC positions for spindle control.
  • The system monitors:
    • E-Stop
    • Safety Charge Pump.
    • VFD Fault.
    • Driver Fault.
  • Discrete Inputs and Outputs can be using with +5vdc TTL logic or 10-30vdc Logic.
  • Electromechanical Relay with NO and NC positions for general purpose (Port_2 16 or 17, jumper-selectable).
  • Microcontroller based SCHP.
  • Optoisolated inputs. Can be powered with a voltage between +10 and +30VDC.
  • Status LEDs on all input and Output connections.
  • DIN Rail mountable.
  • Pluggable Screw-On Terminals.
  • It is compatible with family of C34 connector boards that allow quickly connecting to popular drives connecting not just the step and direction signals, but also the fault and enable signals.
C82 User Manual

Mach4 Plugin Installation Video

Wiring for C82 Rev3 with KL5056

Mach4 / ESS Plugin configuration for C82
Pendant for ESS + Mach4. ESS M4 Plugin Ver.210
Wiring C82+Gecko G320
Wiring for C82 with Huanyang VFD
Wiring for C82 with minarik VFD
Wiring for C82 with WJ200 VFD
Wiring for C82 with IMT VFD

Step by Step Wiring and Testing of a C82 with Mach4

Mach4 / ESS Basic Plugin Configuration for C82

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Wiring for C82 Rev4 with DYN4

C82 MACH4 Profile (282 downloads)