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New CNC Controller for motion control

3.5 inch Color Screen with MPG

3 or 4 axis with 1 analog spindle control

It has Software and terminal connector

It reads Standard G Code

It has  16 inputs and 8 outputs, also supports imported G code files from USB.

It is very easy to set up, you do not need computer, additional software, breakout board.

Password to change the parameter: 123456

2. Technical Specifications 

Min. data Size: 0.001 mm

Max. data size:  ± 99999.999mm

Max. Speed:  9000mm/min (Pulse is 0.001mm)

Max. Pulse Output Frequency 150KHz

Axis 1-4 (X,Y, Z,C)

X,Y,Z,C axis can conduct linear interpolation, X,Y can do circular interpolation.

USB: Importing program

Isolated I/O port

Maximum Program Line: 5000

Maximum Program: 100

RAM: 128M

External Manual Operation:

Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Spinning, Start, Pause, Alert and Stop

G code and M code

One panel MPG

3.5 inch color LCD,  pixel  320*240

Analog Spindle Output:  0-10VDC

Support both Servo and Stepper Motor

Support Metric system, inch etc.

Manuals  Download:

Mcontroller (4814 downloads)

Wiring  Download:

CNCControllerSchematic (4199 downloads)