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SCU (System Configuration Utility)

The Ethernet SmoothStepper is an external motion control device that connects to the Ethernet port of a computer. It accepts commands from a software package such as Mach3, and produce very high quality pulse trains that drive step & direction motors.


• Works through Ethernet. Connects to the Ethernet ports or LAN router so there is no need for a PC with parallel ports. It simulates 3 parallel ports.

• Generates pulse rates of up 4Mhz.

• Works directly with Mach3, Mach4.

• Online Support Forum.

• Has 51 I/Os.

Ethernet Smoothstepper Setup Guide:

Ethernet Smoothstepper Setup Guide (7651)

Basic Instructions for setting up the Ethernet Smooth Stepper:

Ethernet SmoothStepper (13248)

Ethernet SmoothStepper Troubleshooting Guide:

ESSTroubleshootingGuide (5075)

If you do not have 5VDC, you need to order this power supply

5V Breakout Board Power Supply

Click here for VFD and Spindle Setup

ESS Mach4 Plugin & Downloads: click here Mach4 Plugin

ESS Mach3 Plugin & Downloads:  ESSplugin (2826)

6 Axis Ethernet SmoothStepper Motion Control Board with Terminals C25 for Mach3, Mach4 : $219.95