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NEMA34 110AC Closed Loop Stepper Motor 1699 oz-in, Driver – Hybrid Servo Kit:

1pc NEMA 34 Closed Loop Motor: KL34-12N-1000:  1699 oz-in, shaft size: 14 mm ( Not 1/2)

1pc 110VAC KL-110-80H Driver

1pc Cable, 1.5m or longer


1: NEMA 34 Closed Loop Motor: KL34-12N-1000:  1699 oz-in, shaft size:  14 mm ( Not 1/2)


Current: 5A

Holding Torque: 12 N-m, 1699 oz-in

Encoder on back: 1000 line

Phase Inductance: 12 mH

2: 110VAC KL-110-80H Driver Specification

Closed-loop control, no longer lose any steps,

Up to its maximum torque;

Higher torque and higher speed;

Fast response;

Reduced motor heating and more efficient;

Zero-speed stability;

Smooth motion and super-low motor noise;

No Tuning and always stable;

Lower cost


A+ to Black

A- to Red

B+ to Yellow

B- to Blue


KL34-12N-1000 Datasheet (204 downloads) KL-110-80H Datasheet (425 downloads) KL-110-80H Hardware Manual (430 downloads) NEMA34 Closed Loop with C10 Wiring Diagram (379 downloads)

If you need the RS232 Tuning Cable for Driver: RS232Cable

RJ45 Ethernet Connector for Driver: ES-DH Connector 

Process to reset your driver to factory setting:

  1. Press” ENT”, then press “M” switch the screen till it shows “AD-lnl”
  2. Press “ENT”, the screen change to “lnl”
  3. Press the Up arrow bottom till the screen shows “Finish”.
  4. Power cycle the driver.