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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 , Window 10 , Operating System will be ok ( 64Bit or 32bits)

Include: 1pcs UC-100, 1pcs USB cable

USB cable: 1.8 meter  long

If you need the Gender Changer, click the link and add

DB25 MALE TO DB25 MALE M/M Mini Gender Changer Coupler


– Very Easy to connect to the existing mach3 DB25 Breakout board or any new DB25 breakout Board.

– Controls up to 6-axis simultaneously.

– Works with Mach3, Mach4 , UCCNC software via plugin.

– Upto 100kHz operation.

– USB connection from your PC to DB25 controller.

– Same pinout as a standard LPT port.

– Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stable operation.


– Automatic firmware checking and firmware update.

– Motion control on upto 6-axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C).

– Configurable maximum stepping frequency, the options are 25kHz(with 20usec pulse

length), 50kHz(with 10usec pulse length), 100kHz(with 5usec pulse length).

– On the fly configurable 12 pieces of 5Volt (TTL level) buffered outputs. The current

sink/source capability is 20mA max. per output.

– On the fly configurable 5 pieces of 5V (TTL level) schmitt triggered and filtered inputs.

The input internal pullup resistance to 5Volts is 4.7kOhms.

– About 1 second long communication buffer.

– 100% LPT port compatible pinout.


– Reference inputs.
– E-stop input.
– Softlimits.
– Limit switch inputs.
– Limits override.
– Index input (extended function supports multi slot sensors).
– Spindle speed PWM control output.
– Step and direction spindle control output.
– Spindle and coolant relay control.
– Charge pump safety signal output (configurable to active/inactive when in E-stop).
– Charge pump adjustable frequency (12.50kHz in normal or 5kHz in laser mode).
– All signals configurable to active High/Low.
– General purpose I/O signals handling.
– Offline mode.
– MPG1 and MPG2 support.
– Slave axis.
– Backlash compensation.
– Digit/probe input.
– THC control inputs.

Product Manual& Downloads

Userguider (9994 downloads)

if you do not have mach3 software, you can use this software too ,

Click for UCCNC software. This software works great

Click to order mach3

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Click for USB MOTION CONTROLLER for Mach3 plugin

UC100 Troubleshoot for Window 10 or 11:

Click for UC100 Troubleshoot

Install Mach3 Plugin and Software Prerequirements