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NEMA42 Closed Loop Stepper Motor  Driver – Hybrid Servo Kit:

1pc NEMA 42 Closed Loop Motor Shaft Size 19 mm


1pcs Encoder Cable 3m or 5m length (Optional)

1pcs Power cable, 3m or 5m length (Optional)

1pcs KL-220-60H Driver (ES-DH2306)


  • NEMA 42 frame size — Distance between mounting holes is 93mm
  • 20 Nm or 12 NM (2,832 oz – in or 1699 oz-in) holding torque
  • Speed Range: 0 – 2,000 RPM
  • Integrated 1,000-line incremental encoder
  • Smooth movement
  • Low motor heating and noise

1: NEMA 42 Closed Loop Motor

A. KL42-12N-1000:  1699 oz-in, shaft size:  19 mm 

Mounting Hole: 93.34mm


Current: 4.2A

Voltage: 5V

Holding Torque: 12 N-m, 1699 oz-in

Encoder on back: 1000 line

Phase Inductance: 13 mH

B. KL42-20N-1000:  2832 oz-in, shaft size:  19 mm,

Mounting Hole: 93.34mm


Current: 5.2A

Voltage: 10V

Holding Torque: 20 N-m, 2832 oz-in

Encoder on back: 1000 line

Phase Inductance: 18 mH

2:   KL-220-60H Driver (ES-DH2306)


  • Step based servo control
  • Closed position loop for no loss of movement synchronization
  • No loss of steps; no hunting; no overshooting;
  • Operating voltage: 220/230 VAC single phase
  • Peak current MAX 6.0A
  • High torque at starting and low speed
  • No torque reservation
  • High stiffness at standstill
  • Significantly reduced motor heating
  • Smooth motor movement and extra low motor noise
  • Quick response, no delay and zero settling time
  • On-board LED panel for custom configuration and motion mode display
  • Plug-and-play and no tuning for almost all applications
  • Micro step resolution value from 200-51,200 (increased by 1) via software configuration


KL42-12N-1000 Drawing and Wiring (501 downloads) KL42-20N-1000 Drawing and Wiring (479 downloads) Manual for KL-220-60H Driver (494 downloads) NEMA42 Closed Loop Motor Torque Curve (338 downloads)

If you need the RS232 Tuning Cable for Driver: RS232Cable

RJ45 Ethernet Connector for Driver: ES-DH Connector