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EtherCAT Motion Controller:

  • Cost effective high quality EtherCAT Solution
  • Interfaces with Mach4 through plugin
  • Free EtherCAT PC Software EC-Link for easy configuration
  • Built on proven and reliable Platform
  • Import ESI files for different devices
  •  EtherCAT controller will support Mach4 Software via the reliable and proven Mach4 plugin.
  • +12 – 28VDC (Polarity Protected)

EtherCAT Drives Tested

  • Mitsubishi MR-JET, MR-J5
  • Omron 1S series
  • Delta ASDA-A2
  • Advantech AMAX I/O Block
  • Maxine EP3E-EC
  • Beijing CTB Technology 3-Axis Drives
  • Yaskawa SGD7S
  • LeadShine All Ether CAT drivers

·8 Digital Inputs NPN Optical Isolated

  • 4 Digital Outputs NPN 1Amp ea Optical Isolated
  • 2 Relay N.O. Dry Contacts
  • Optional Expansion Plugs
  • PC Connection over Ethernet. No Special Motherboard Required.
  • Optional Analog Output 0-10V for spindle
  • Optional Encoder Input for Spindle Lathe Threading

Examples: You can add this driver:

EtherCAT Stepper Driver, EM3E-870

EtherCAT Stepper Driver, EM3E-556

Power Supply:

48VDC/12.5A Switching CNC Power Supply, KL-600-48

Stepper Motors:

NEMA23 570oz/in 5A 1/4” Dual Shaft Stepper Motor (KL23H2100-50-4BMC) with Cable

Servo Motor:

EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 750W 220VAC (750W EtherCAT kits with 3meter cable)

Mach4 Software

Fully Licensed versions of Mach4, Email you the license.

One year warranty

Stepper Motor Testing Video:

EtherCAT NEMA 23 Motion Control System video

Servo Motor Testing Video:

Servo kits with EtherCAT motion Card Testing video

Motor and Spindle Control Testing Video:

(If you need for spindle control EtherCAT Motion Controller (3 or 4 Axis) with Analog Output and Encoder for Spindle Control )

Setup Video: Click here for Setup video


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